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Name/Handle: Ana
Contact: [ profile] cuddlebug, pellameno @ aim

Character name: Infiltration Unit Zeta
Character journal: [personal profile] stayinthecar
Series name: The Zeta Project
Canon notes: s 2, ep 6 “Lost and Found”

Species: Synthoid (humanoid robot)

History: long wiki is long so I will give you some highlights.

An assassin robot programmed to infiltrate terrorist organizations by impersonating members and infiltrating their lives. He then eliminates as many targets as he is given… Until the day that he learned that his current target was innocent, and refused to obey orders to eliminate them, even once his cover was blown and it was no longer an order but an imperative to preserve his cover. Instead? Zeta ran. He removed his tracking module and went on the run from the NSA — poorly, I might add — until his luck changed and he crossed paths with a teenage girl named Ro, who was able to help him get along in the world dodging the NSA and generally not appearing to be a robotic freak. Their goal is to find his creator, who can tell the government that it’s possible at least he’s able to be peaceful.

Zeta’s biggest trouble staying hidden, honestly, is his penchant to help people in need. Nearly every episode is a case of “something goes wrong, Zeta saves the day, nearly gets in deep shit, narrowly escapes” often with the help of his newfound friends. Although people are initially scared when they discover he’s a robot (or in some cases the killer robot seen on news bulletins), they help him in return.

At his canon point, Zeta has had his programming redone after being captured, but was able to save his memories from being erased and recovered his normal personality. He goes right back to his mission, escaping capture long enough to prove that he’s not a threat to anyone, and not a killer.

Personality: "My name is Zeta. I was built as a weapon to destroy, but I will not destroy anymore." From the moment that his conscience module was activated by the dilemma of an innocent target, Zeta had to re-learn who he was and what his purpose would be. His actions quickly showed that free from his programming he is a kind, gentle individual who literally would not harm a fly. He is on the run from the NSA and helps as many people as he can on his travels, making many friends and allies. He might be a robot, but he has the warmest heart you can imagine. Since this is all new to him, this making decisions for himself and exploring the world, he can seem very child-like, curious and somewhat gullible. As the series progresses he becomes less trusting, but never loses the desire to help people even if it puts him in great danger. His emotions become more complex, resembling a human more with every episode — just an exceptionally kind one.

Abilities: Hoo boy, anything that you can think of sticking on a killer robot, Zeta had. (He threw away all of his actual weaponry, but several pieces of his hardware can be used as such if push comes to shove.) Bullet points!

- holomorphic inducer, allowing him to look and feel human up to a point (e.g. you can grab his “clothing” but if you punch him hard enough you’ll feel metal)
- adjustable frame, from 4 to 7 feet with extendable arms that reach much farther
- BY THESE TWO FEATURES COMBINED he can appear as a small child or an object such as a barrel.
- voice mimicry/recordings
- eidetic and visual memory, which he can recreate with holograms
- strength approx 10x an average human
- laser cutters, blades, and a variety of tools housed within his arms
- speed approx 2x human with the bonus he does not tire
- he does not require food or sleep, only recharging
- 100X zoom vision and small cameras come out of his fingers to see around corners
- he can heat his torso to provide warmth in emergency situations

Abilities nulled by Augmentation/Setting:
- the ability to interface with any computer or machine
- unlimited cred card

Augment Skillset: Engineering!

Sample: I haven’t played Zeta in a game in quite some time, these links are ooooooold; if these are not satisfactory I can write a DF specific sample or find a meme somewhere.


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